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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD10141104104942 Submitted: 14 October 2011 Modified: 14 October 2011

Viruses associated with epidemic hemorrhagic fevers of the Philippines and Thailand.

A Rudnick,
W M. Hammon,
G E. Sather

Epidemiologic, clinical, and etiologic studies were carried out on a newly recognized, frequently fatal, pediatric disease syndrome which occurred in urban areas infested with Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Four types of dengue virus (two of which are new), chikungunya virus, and another virus yet to be identified were isolated from the blood of patients. Dengue viruses, types 2 and 3, were isolated from the mosquitoes. Ample serologic confirmation was obtained of concurrent hemorrhagic fever and infection with one or more of these viruses. Thus, it was discovered that viruses of previously recognized types and of closely related new types apparently have etiologic roles in a new and highly dangerous epidemic disease syndrome.

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1. Region-wide synchrony and traveling waves of dengue across eight countries in Southeast Asia.
2. An epidemic of dengue virus Serotype-4 during the 2015 - 2017: The emergence of a novel genotype IIa of DENV-4 in the Philippines.