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Effect of kinesio-taping as an adjunct to dynamic self stretching on pain and range of motion of the upper back among sewers with musculoskeletal discomfort of the feeder factory.


Farrah Camille E. Amik,
Brylle Joseph S. Labra,
Judith Marie S. Malazarte,
Brent Joshua C. Palopalo,
Jan Ross Therese V. Sarmago

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Department of Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2019


   The study utilized a randomized pre-test and post-test, within group experimental design that aimed to determine the effect of Kinesio-taping with Dynamic Self-Stretching on pain and range of motion among sewers with upper back musculoskeletal discomfort of Sport's City International's Feeder Factory located in Mactan Economic Zone (MEPZ) one (1) after two (2) weeks of intervention. The subjects were given the Cornell Musculoskeletal Discomfort Questionnaire to determine the presence and severity of discomfort they were feeling on the upper back. Twenty subjects fitted in the criteria, and were then assessed on the first and last day of implementation. The visual analog scale was used to measure pain; flexion, right rotation, and left rotation were measured using goniometer. Ten subjects were randomly assigned to the Experimental Kinesio-taping in adjunct to dynamic stretching group while the other 10 were randomly assigned to the Control dynamic stretching group. Three subjects from the control group were dropped due to non attendance during the stretching sessions and on the reassessment day.

   The mean pre-test pain score for the control (6.43 ± 1.51) and experimental group (6.10 ± 1.37) fell under moderate pain; the mean pre-test range of motion for both groups were below the functional range of motion. The researchers then compared the pre-test scores to the post-test scores to determine if there was a significant difference. The researchers then compared the post-test values between each group. It is seen that Kinesio-taping as an adjunct to dynamic stretching had a significant increase compared to dynamic stretching (U = 11.000; p < 0.05) as to flexion and right rotation range of motion (t-value = 3.30). There was no significant difference (U = 27.500, p > 0.05) when comparing both experimental and control groups as to pain and flexion range of motion therefore implying that stretching alone is enough to decrease pain and increase flexion range of motion.

   To conclude, Kinesio-taping as an adjunct to dynamic stretching is effective in upper back flexion range of motion and right rotation range of motion. Dynamic stretching alone is effective in decreasing pain and increasing left rotation range of motion. The researchers recommend further investigation on the effectivity of kinesio-taping alone on pain and range of motion in not only treating upper back discomfort but also other regions of the body. Other recommendations include other interventions to compare kinesio-taping with, search for other populations, and duration of efficacy of kinesio-taping and dynamic stretching to see which is able to feel pain relief first or which has the longest effects out of the two interventions.


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