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Assessment of the accessibility features for persons with disability in selected Cebu Doctors' University affiliated rehabilitation facilities in Cebu City: A basis for recommendations of environmental modifications.


Ronald Joshua L. Gonzales,
Francis Pio L. Herrera III,
Johannes Jake V. Lanzar,
Mart Raymund R. Lumuthang,
Japhia E. Nardo,
John Carl F. Patindol,
Queenie Rose C. Gerzon

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Department of Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2019


 The purpose of this study is to assess the accessible and inaccessible features of selected rehabilitation facilities affiliated with Cebu Doctors' University in Cebu City under four (4) priorities such as: accessible approach to entrance, access to goods and services, usability of restrooms, and additional access in order to provide recommendations to improve accessibility on inaccessible areas. Particularly, this study utilized a Descriptive Method under Qualitative Method of Research. This study used the assessment tool "Checklist and Recommendations for Universal Accessibility of Malls, Entertainment Centers, Schools, Training Centers and Office Buildings" based on "Checklist for Existing Facilities" to assess the following rehabilitation facilities: (1) Camp Lapu- Lapu Station Hospital - Physical Therapy Section, (2) Cebu Doctors' University Hospital Rehabilitation Center, (3) North General Hospital Rehabilitation Center, (4) San Nicolas Rehabilitation Center (SNRC).

 Each rehabilitation facility was individually assessed using the research tool, a measuring tape and by hiring a Civil Engineer to assist the researchers in performing the measurements. All accessible areas under each priority in Camp Lapu- Lapu Station Hospital - Physiotherapy Section has been found to have an overall percentage of 0%. On the other hand, as for Cebu Doctors' University Hospital - Department of Physical Therapy and North General Hospital - Department of Physical Therapy share a percentage of 10.53%. Meanwhile, San Nicolas Rehabilitation Center has an overall accessible feature of 6.25%. As for inaccessible features, all priority areas in Camp Lapu- Lapu Station Hospital - Physiotherapy Section has an overall of 100%. While, Cebu Doctors' University Hospital - Department of Physical Therapy and North General Hospital - Department of Physical Therapy share an overall of 89.47%. Finally, South General Hospital has an overall percentage of 93.75% for its inaccessible features. Based on the results of the assessment of accessibility features on selected rehabilitation facilities affiliated with Cebu Doctors' University in Cebu City, it had been found that Facility A-D are 6.8% accessible and are 93.2% inaccessible.

 Based on the findings of the study, most of the accessibility features of the four (4) rehabilitation facilities were found to be inaccessible for PWDs.Thus, the need to develop an environmental modification program is important to improve the accessibility of different rehabilitation facilities for PWD patients.


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