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Functional movement as a predictor of risk of injury among athletes of Cebu Doctors' University.


Carlyle Jerico L. Monsanto,
Albert Christian G. Veliganio,
Stephanie Marie A. Ypil,
Imanol A. Zaldumbide,
Greatel S. Capuras

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Department of Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2019


  The main purpose of the study was to determine if functional movement was a predictor of risk of injury among athletes of Cebu Doctors' University Academic Year 2018-2019. The study utilized a descriptive predictive research design. For this purpose, athletes from Intramurals 2018 were selected. The respondents were assessed using Functional Movement Screening created by Cook, Burton, Hoogenboom and Voight-Part 1(2014), by three (3) novice FMS instructors under the supervision of an FMS Level II specialist. There were 435 total possible respondents in Cebu Doctors' University. All possible  respondents were given pre-selection forms (see appendix D-1) to determine the respondents' years participated as athletes, age and if an injury occurred in the years the respondents were active. Utilizing the FMS as a tool to measure Functional Movement, out of the 435 respondents, 141 answered the researcher's presurvey form. Of the 141 respondents, 80 qualified to participate in the study. During data gathering, a total of 64 respondents (n=64), who are athletes of Cebu Doctors' University who participated in the 2018 Intramurals as athletes of physically inclined sports were assessed with the FMS for the researcher's study. According to the pre-selection forms, 30 sustained an injury while 34 sustained no injury 3 years prior to assessment.

  The respondents as to history of injury were described as follows; with low risk of injury (FMS<14) were at 7 (10.9%) and high risk of injury (FMS>14) at 57 (89.1%). Results showed that a significant portion of the athletes assessed were of high risk of injury with regards to their functional movement. Athletes without history of injury were at 30 (46.9%) and with history of injury were at 34 (53.1%) showing that most of the respondents had a high risk of injury, although by a small margin. Results indicated that functional movement was not associated with the risk of injury (Φ = 0.072) among CDU athletes.

  The researchers concluded that the level of functional movement is not associated with the risk of injury in athletes of Cebu Doctors University. A study can be conducted on all sports with a comparison on which has a higher FMS score overall. Future studies can also look into the common causes of injury amongst Cebu Doctors' University athletes.


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