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Effect of kinesiology taping on pectoralis minor length and total scapular distance among office workers with rounded shoulder posture of Cebu Doctors' University.


Joshua Miguel S. Colinares,
John Nino V. Delatore,
Cherryvic P. Obis,
Sean Kiven S. Pilapil,
Sharah Charisse  T. Wang

Related Institution

College of Rehabilitative Sciences - Department of Physical Therapy - Cebu Doctors' University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
November 2018


  This study was conducted to determine the effects of four (4) weeks of Kinesiology Taping on Pectoralis Minor Length and Total Scapular Distance among Office Workers with Rounded Shoulder Posture in Cebu Doctors' University at 1 Dr. P.V. Larrazabal Jr. Avenue North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, Room 406. The study utilized one (1) experimental group and one (1) control group which were each composed of nine (9) office workers. Researchers assessed the Pectoralis Minor Length (PML) in inches with a tape measure from the inferomedial aspect of the coracoid process to the caudal edge of the 4th rib at the level of the sternum. Total Scapular Distance (TSD) was also assessed in inches measuring from the distance from the inferior angle of the acromion to the spinous process of the 3rd thoracic vertebrae.

  The mean pretest and post-test measurements of the left and right PML and TSD were computed with their standard deviation to summarize the results. Pretest PML measurements for the control group was 6.92±0.14 for the left and 6.67±0.16 for the right, and for the experimental group, 6.59±0.14 for the left and 6.50±0.16 for the right. The pretest values of the TSD for the control group was 8.69±0.33 for the left and 8.66±0.31 for the right, meanwhile the experimental group had 8.74±0.27 for the left and 8.68±0.28 for the right. Both groups had positive shortening of the PML and lengthening of the TSD on both left and right. Based on the post-test measurements, the PML measurements for the control group was 6.92±0.14 for the left and 6.93±0.15 for the right, and for the experimental group, 7.27±0.21 for the left and 7.21±0.15 for the right. The post-test TSD for the control group was 8.33±0.31 for the left and 8.28±0.36 for the right, while the experimental group had a value of 7.74±0.22 for the left and 7.79±0.26 for the right. Paired t-test showed that there was a significant difference between the pre-test and post-test measurements with an effect size of 0.97 for the left PML and 0.98 for the right PML, while left and right TSD both had an effect size of 0.99 for the experimental group. t values were 11.850 and 15.638 for the left and right PML respectively while the left and right TSD had a t value of -18.974 and -22.857 respectively.

  Four (4) weeks of kinesiology taping has an effect on the post-test measurements on the control group receiving no stretch and on the experimental group receiving stretch. Although both groups had a significant difference between the pre-test and post-test, only the experimental group achieved within normal measurements of the PML and TSD. Based on the findings, the following are recommendations for future studies: Increasing the sample size of the subjects should be considered to investigate the clinical efficacy of kinesiology taping. The researchers would also like to recommend kinesiology taping with 100% stretch on office workers with rounded shoulder posture and also a study with a follow up checking on the long-term effects of kinesiology taping with an implementation period of more than four (4) weeks.


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